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Setup - Drop Downs


You have receive an address for you ThermoGrid account... The address will be ((your company name)  Type this into the address bar at the top of your browser, we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser.

My Account Page (click your name in the top right of the screen)

  • Password
  • Phone
  • Email



Scheduling & Dispatching


Job flow if you start with a service job, flip it into a sales lead, sell it, and then install it.


Invoicing - Technician Sales Office

Standard Operating Procedures


ThermoGrid_-_Field_Staff_-_Service_Job.pdf ‎



Creating Estimates and Invoices
Advanced Invoicing Tasks (Add Pictures, Units/Equipment, Custom Job Docs)
Counter Sale

Closing Orders, Jobs, Calls

Standard Operating Procedure

Purchasing – Install Coordinator

Standard Operating Procedure

ThermoGRID_-_Office_-_Supplier_Orders.pdf ‎

All the equipment and materials you sell for an install must be setup in the Service Catalog with suppliers names in on the item itself to do the automatic ordering for installs. Once this is done you will have PO generated by supplier on the Supplier Orders tab of the view outputs on an order.

To do the Inventory Management you must complete the setup of your locations and stock levels.



ThermoGrid Website

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App Information (Beta)

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