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Getting Started

Welcome to the ThermoGrid App, The intention of this App was to allow Ease of Use in the Field for anyone with out Cellular Service and those who prefer the Layout of a Modern App.  The App is and will be still in a Beta Phase as more and more Features are continually added. 

We are looking to our Clients for Feedback on anything you experience with this New app.

Note: There are features that are currently unavailable (Such as Job Documents)



How to Uninstall Previous Beta

expand the section below

  1. Long Press on the ThermoGrid app icon and select App Info (This can also be done through settings)
  2. Go to “Storage & Cache”
  3. Tap “Clear Storage/Data"
  4. Click "Ok" if you get pop up to verify
  5. Uninstall App
  6. Click "Ok" if you get pop up to verify


  How to Install ThermoGrid (Android)



  Go to your Play Store
01. Home Screen.png

  1. Search for ThermoGrid
    02. Play store.png02. Search for TG.png

  2. Click/Tap Install
    03. Install TG.png

  3. Click/Tap Open when the Install is complete
    1. This will give you a screen that says "API Key" your API Key Can be Created by an Administrator or Managed under your User > My Account > Edit > New API Key
      04. Open TG.png04. zInput API.png
  4. Go to your web-based ThermoGrid Account, Either Create an API Key or Use one that is already existing. This can be done on a Desktop, Laptop or your Mobile device.
    (WARNING: All users API should be treated like a Password)
  5. To create this, go to Administration > Manage Users > Manage API Keys
  6. Click/Tap "+ New API Key"
  7. Select The User
  8. Click/Tap "Generate"
  9. Copy the API Key (The Very Large Set of Numbers and Letters)
  10. Paste the API Key in the App and Login  

    06. Administration.png 06. AdminManageUser.png 06. API Page.png 06. Create API Key.png 06. Select User.png

  11. 06. zGenerate API.png 06. zzCopy API.png 06. zzPaste API.png 07. AgreetoTaC.png



How to Uninstall Previous Beta

expand the section below


  1. Select “ThermoGrid” from your Apps list. 
    IOS Test Flight List.png
  2. Under “Developer,” tap “Stop Testing” and scroll down
    IOS Click on TG.png IOS Select Stop Testing.png IOS Stop Testing.png
  3. Go back to your home screen
  4. Long Press on the ThermoGrid app icon and Tap “Delete/Remove App”
    IOS Remove App.png

Use this Button or Follow the join link to install the app
Join Link:



Open TestFlight
IOS Home Screen.png








How to Install ThermoGrid (iOS)

Download Test Flight and ThermoGrid Directly from the App Store:




1. Open the App Store

Icon appstore ev0z770zyxoy large 2x.png 


2. Search for TestFlight

Test flight.png

3. Download TestFlight 


4. Use This Link to Download ThermoGrid:



App Usage and Functionality

What is a Beta App?

Google Defines Early access and  Beta Apps as: "Early access apps are apps that haven’t been released yet. Beta apps are newer and more experimental versions of apps that are already released. Early access and beta apps may be less stable than most apps. For example, the app might crash or some features might not work properly."

What does this mean to you? 

This means the ThermoGrid Team is working diligently to ensure that every possible robust function in ThermoGrid is also available offline on your Mobile Device. As we release more and more offline functionality, the App will need to be updated and sometimes extra steps may need to be taken to ensure functionality.  (Such as Clearing Cache or Data).  

You may experience unintended behavior such as crashes or some functionality restriction, Please understand that this may happen with any app in a beta phase and is not isolated to ThermoGrid. 



If you would like to send in a review, request or any general feedback please Click the button below

Send Feedback.png 



Using the App 

This next section will go over some basic pages on the App     (This was done on Android, IPhone will be almost identical except pages are at the bottom)


The Calendar Page will display slightly different than you Calendar in ThermoGrid Web Based.  Instead of a "By the Hour" Calendar you will have all Jobs and Events listed Here.

The Jobs and Events will display some information about the Object.  

We can see:

  •  Scheduled Time and Date of the Job
  • A Short Description
  • Tech Status
  • Sync Status

03. Calendar Main Android.jpg

You are able to add Events / Time Off Requests / Compensation requests directly to the Calendar with the "+" Button in the bottom right.

02. Calendar Add Object Android.jpg



This Page will show the Open Jobs that are scheduled within the last 3 Days.  

04. Jobs Main Android.jpg

You can click on any Job to view details or add Orders to that Job. (Scroll to view more info) 

Just as in ThermoGrid Web The same Details are available and the Call can be accessed from here. 

This is also where you will change Technician status. 

04. Jobs xDetails.jpg

Adding a Job:

Use the same "+" Down in the bottom right corner to create a new Job

05. Create New Job.jpg

From here you can select:

  • Client
  • Primary Job Type
  • Job Reason
  • Assigned Tech
  • Schedule Time/Date

Selecting or Creating a Client

Click on "Please Select Client" Start typing the Clients name, If its a new client use the "+" Button on the bottom Right

Client Seach Android.jpg

Once you have the Client, Select or Create the Address

06. Client Select Android.jpg

If you do not see the Address in this pick list, use the "+" to create a new Address.

*NEW FEATURE* Auto Suggestions - As long as your device location is turned on you will be allowed to use the Auto Suggestion feature which will auto fill from the "Select Address" dropdown on the top of the Page.

08. Automatic address Search Android.jpg


Otherwise just add an address as you typically would. 

07. New Address Android.jpg

Input all Address info as well as home type and Description if possible

09. Home Type Android.jpg

10. Address Input Android.jpg

Hit Save When Complete


Once you have your address input you can easily select Primary Job Type, Reason, and Assigned Tech

11.JT Input Android.jpg12. Job Reason Select Android.jpg13. Assign Technition Android.jpg

Click Add Job to create this. 






This will be a simple overview of the orders page. By Clicking the drop-down on any order, you are able to see more order details.  Clicking directly on the order will bring you into the order itself.  (working on the order will be covered under another area in the Help Center)


14. Orders Main Android.jpg


15. Orders Details Android.jpg


The menu page will allow you to view your user sync data, Sync Orders and remove the account if necessary. 

16. Settings.jpg17. Syncing Orders.jpg

18. Account Syncing Android.jpg19. Syncing Options Android.jpg

</div> </div> </div>