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User Interface

The Jobs Page will allow you to Filter through and access The Jobs information, the Calls information, Job Dispatching and give you the ability to delete the Job.


Job # Nomenclature

EXAMPLE: Job # 2021060713180676

Year = First 4 Digits

Month = Digits 5 & 6

Day = Digits 7 & 8

Hour = Digits 9 & 10

Minute  = Digits 11 & 12

Second = Digits 13 & 14

Milliseconds = Digits 15 & 16



You can use any of these Filters to sort through your Job Data and locate the information you're looking for.  Use the "X" on the Left side of the page to Clear all filters. 

  • Job Number
  • Job Status
  • Primary Job Type
  • Job Department
  • Assigned Tech
  • Client 
  • Scheduled Date
  • Create Date/Time

Job Options

The Dropdown Menu on the left hand side with the Pencil/Edit Icon will allow you to:

  • View the Call the Job is attached to
  • View the Jobs Information
  • Bring you to the Dispatching Page for that Job
  • Delete the Job 


View Call

The Call is Where the Job Originates from, to learn more about Calls Click Here

Job Info